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21st March 2023

RMJM Milano’s design for the pedestrian bridge project in China was shortlisted for the International Concept Design Competition.

Ancient Chinese literature refers to the Zhaozhou Bridge as a "crescent moon rising from the clouds" or a "rainbow in the sky." The Zhaozhou Bridge, with a span of 37 metres, is the world's oldest…
NewsRMJM Serbia
14th February 2023

The team at RMJM Serbia has presented their vision for the epitome of urban living in Belgrade – BW Riviera.

BW Riviera is situated in an exclusive location of Belgrade, in the first row to the river with direct access to Sava Promenada, right to the Kula Belgrade. It is a new symbol of the…
11th January 2023

RMJM’s second Semi-Annual Report

This publication is the second instalment in RMJM’s semi-annual series in which we are sharing various projects, interviews and opinion pieces. In the 6 months since the first report, our offices across the globe have…
NewsPress ReleaseRMJM Serbia
5th January 2023

RMJM Serbia has revealed their design for BW Perla – a landmark residential building of Belgrade Waterfront.

Situated by the Sava River, BW Perla exploits the full potential of the exclusive position. The project is a unique representation of an urban revitalisation of the city and a true pearl of contemporary architecture,…


21st March 2023

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle: Extending the Lifecycle of Purpose-built Architecture

Estimated reading time: 4 min Below is just one example of the fleeting life some purpose-built structures have; The Rio Olympic Aquatics Stadium began construction in the second half of 2014 and opened in April…
7th March 2023

Materials in Review: Stone

Estimated reading time: 5 min Stone has been used as a building material for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were among the first civilizations to use stone extensively in their architecture.…
22nd February 2023

Architecture for Wellness

Estimated reading time: 3 min Wellness architecture: “The practice of architecture that relies on the art and science of designing built environments with socially conscious systems and materials to promote the harmonious balance between physical,…
22nd February 2023

Battle is Not Over

Estimated reading time: 2 min   The year of Russia's full-scale war in Ukraine shocked the world and changed each of those living in Ukraine and many others outside of it. We stand in solidarity…







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