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RMJM is expanding its ever-growing network of studios this month with the introduction of Atelier 56 by RMJM. Led by Creative Director, Abigail Levy and Senior Projects Director, Luke Baxter, the Philippines-based studio specialises in interior design for hospitality, residential and multi-unit projects. Within RMJM’s business structure, this new team balances the benefits of both the local studios and the organisation’s PRO studios. 

With a focus on designing narrative-driven interiors that strengthen and define their clients’ brands, Atelier 56 by RMJM seek to craft authentic and evocative experiences and inspired identities, for a diverse range of projects spanning from Europe through to Asia. Beyond a beautiful aesthetic, their thorough understanding of commercial and operational issues are fundamental to the success of their projects.

For me, a successful interior is similar to abstract art, it should be a considered composition of colour, texture and form that can tell a story and evoke feelings.

Abigail LevyCreative Director

Atelier 56 by RMJM offer four main services to their clients: interior design, art curation, styling and product design. While luxury is at the heart of Atelier 56 by RMJM, they recognise the need to balance the equilibrium of luxury aesthetic and cost. They achieve this by focusing on providing intelligent design solutions throughout the design process rather than as an afterthought. Holding close to every client’s core brand values, the studio gives each property a unique design DNA.

Ensuring the initial concept & design DNA is translated into the finest details is what truly elevates a project. These are often the small touches that make the biggest difference.

Luke BaxterSenior Projects Director

When sourcing inspiration, Atelier 56 by RMJM fuse ideas and collaborate with local artisans. They distil their thoughts and findings and translate them into eloquent details, unique finishes and pallets that reflect their client’s brand and aspirations. These contemplated layers of creativity shape their spaces.