Enhancing project management with BIM technology, efficiency, and well-defined, intelligence-led collaborative approach.



Enhancing project management with BIM technology, efficiency and a well-defined, intelligence-led collaborative approach

Combining architectural expertise with collaborative vision

RMJM PIM fuses architecture, consultancy, site supervision and the latest technology in an approach which caters for everyone.


RMJM PIM operates continuous design development throughout all stages, delivering constructability documents with standard BIM technology

Site Supervision

RMJM PIM is a licensed project manager for site supervision and managing construction teams and as-built models, along with delivering COBie to building operators

Lead Design Consultancy

The studio selects and manages all design disciplines, coordinating and integrating design models and providing e-constructed buildings


Through managing common data and BIM planning and execution, RMJM PIM supports design and construction with technology and a precision-led approach

More than just project management

RMJM PIM integrates the project management process for everyone involved in its different stages, whether they’re a structural engineer, designer, client or contractor. The studio combines the latest technologies and international design standards with a collaborative mentality, resulting in a seamless and efficient delivery service. RMJM PIM aims to reconstruct the real estate industry, giving full control over time, cost and quality back to the client, bringing design and construction intelligence into the project lifecycle.

Construction Intelligence

Construction intelligence involves pooling data and resources from the very start, easing the transition from design to construction. RMJM PIM provides insights and direction in every construction stage through to successful completion. This incorporates quality control and time, cost and risk management. Ultimately, the process centres on handing over building construction and operational information over to the building operator.

Design Intelligence

Design intelligence starts from the client’s vision. RMJM PIM takes this vision and makes sure it’s applied throughout all the respective design stages. The studio applies analytical thinking and a collaborative approach to the creative process, catching any potential challenges before they surface. This allows design teams to operate in harmony, consistently and with integrity throughout the whole design cycle, all the while prioritising elegance and aesthetics.

Engaging all parties with construction & design intelligence

Whether you’re looking for more control over projects or want to reduce the risk of something going wrong in the construction process, RMJM PIM embodies a collaborative approach to make sure all the right boxes are ticked.

Increased transparency to reduce waste

With a collaborative approach which can help reduce construction costs by up to 22%, RMJM PIM values transparency, reducing the need for any rework and making for a more efficient process.

A wholly collaborative process

Placing an emphasis on collaborative design, RMJM PIM allows all parties to work in tandem (making sure there are no hidden surprises along the way) towards a high quality finished product.

 Increasing client value

Working on the basis of engagement and understanding, RMJM PIM involves the client in every stage of construction, placing the control back into their hands. The studio also uses structured data to result in a better handover and allow all parties to proceed efficiently.

 Reduced risk in construction

RMJM PIM detects any risks at the earliest possible stage, reducing potential clashes and using BIM technologies to create data-rich 3D models along with model analysis techniques which analyse the sustainability of a building from the outset.

Reap the benefits of an efficient collaborative approach with RMJM PIM

Saved construction expenses with RMJM PIM

Reduction in potential reworks

Increased efficiency through collaboration

Better cost control & predictability with BIM

Reduction in field coordination conflicts during construction

Reduction in errors & omissions in construction documents with BIM

Reap the benefits of an efficient collaborative approach with RMJM PIM


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