The concept design for this archive centre followed the idea of a Chinese Fortress. Chinese fortresses were designed to hold and protect those residing inside the city walls, much like an archive is designed to protect the important and significant documents it holds.
The archive centre complex consists of two main buildings and a small reception building between them. The 25 storey archive building consists of a secured zone with a controlled climate to house the archive material, that can only be accessed by authorised staff.

The other main building is a 15 storey public building that offers secure reading rooms, function spaces and a number of other public facilities. The wide openings of the entrance as well as beautiful gardens encourage visitors to enter this building and create a welcoming atmosphere throughout the lobby.
The two buildings are linked aesthetically through the green line running across the facades, which simultaneously highlights the building’s relationship with the surrounding natural environment.

Location: Southeast China
Client: Confidential
Sector: Civic & Government
Size: Confidential
Year: 2020
Status: Competition
Principal Architect: Arta Rostami Ravari