Aspire Sports Stadium


Doha, Qatar






261,900 SQM





In 2010, RMJM was invited to take part in a competition to provide architectural and engineering consultancy services on the proposed Multi-Purpose Sports Hall at the Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar. RMJM’s vision provides a truly flexible world class multi-purpose sports facility with an identity and a character that is both innovative and inherently Qatari.

The key to our proposal is the flexibility of the venue whilst not compromising the performance of the facility between the events hosted. The facility also has the ability to adapt over time to respond to a variety of sporting events, uses and trends. The facility will integrate positively with the surrounding Aspire Zone, complementing the existing facilities and enhancing the reputation of Qatari sporting facilities on a global scale.

RMJM have pursued a highly creative solution in order to provide maximum flexibility for a sports venue. It’s default use is primarily as an aquatics facility, but it can be rapidly converted, without compromise, into a venue for an exceptionally wide variety of sporting events such as Tennis, Cycle Racing,

Football, Athletics, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics and other commercial events such as exhibitions and music performance.

A shell structure using advanced lightweight translucent materials is structurally independent from the bowl seating structure, allowing for a truly flexible space. The stadium has exceptionally high levels of natural illumination whilst simultaneously offering both spectators and athletes a fully temperature controlled environment.

The architectural concept is conceived as an organic, free-form shell which references Qatar’s maritime roots, whilst providing a highly efficient membrane that mediates the harsh climatic conditions and which fully enclose the functional and programmatic components of the stadium. Technologically the design represents the cutting edge of lightweight membrane structures and will place Qatar both at the fore-front of modern sports venues and firmly on the global sports stage.