Baku is a rapidly developing city with rich cultural heritage enhancing its urban areas with striking, global iconic buildings.

The Education Hub needs to fit into its vision of the future as the city expresses its development and ambition.

The key factors for the project are :

1 – Create a thriving, vibrant educational environment for children and adults to promote well being and education for Baku civilians.

2 – A development with its own strong identity and relationship to Baku. The development needs a strong identity to help with its marketing, gaining attention of the passing cars and city.

3 – A commercially viable development for retail and education. The design proposal must consider the economics of construction, with a strong design that is also efficient in planning and provides spaces that are desirable for tenants.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Client: Helvetico, Switzerland
Sector: Education, Retail, Residential
Size: 53,000 sqm
Status: Concept Completed
Scope: Concept