The Bao’an Public Culture and Art Center project is located at the west side of the Bao’an government building in Shenzhen. This advantageous location sits on the economically vibrant axis that runs through Hong Kong, Qianhai and Guangzhou. By becoming an important part of an architectural cluster of cultural landmarks in the area, this project is sure to create a positive dynamic with the site for those who live in the area and passersby alike.

This cultural project is part of the city’s developmental goals to achieve first-class public culture facilities and to construct iconic landmarks. The internal layout is rationally thought-out with regards to different area functions. Entrances are designed in directions that are convenient for various visitors taking a varied number of transportation methods, with an underground linkage to the Metro.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Bao’an District Government
Sector: Culture
Size: 84,873 m²
Status: Competition
Scope: Architecture