The BW Terrace project presented RMJM Serbia revisiting their collaboration with client Eagle Hills, Belgrade Waterfront. The development was mixed-use and combined stylish retail spaces and comfortable modern residential units.

Flowing design, beautiful views and open spaces were prominent in RMJM Serbia’s design. Access to natural light and ventilation were imperative to the client and were reflected in the glass façade that envelopes the building. The glass façade also encompassed an adaptable design that recognised the development’s need to exist in relation to both it’s current and future surroundings.

The focal point of the design lay in the blurring of indoor and outdoor spaces. The terraced apartments brought living spaces outdoors and natural environments indoors. The purpose was to create a building that appeared to be an extension of the surrounding river, park and sky.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Client: Eagle Hills, Belgrade Waterfront
Sector: Hospitality
Size: 28,000 sqm
Parking Size: 1 level underground, 165 spaces
Year: 2018 Under Construction