As Phase 2 in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine project, the Centre of Translational Medicine combines reconstruction of medical school academic areas, creation of a School of Nursing program, new state-of-the-art interdisciplinary laboratory research space and a multi-species vivarium designed to international standards. This project is part of a multiphase development of the 40-year-old National University of Singapore campus. The aim is to upgrade Singapore’s capabilities as both a centre of advanced education and a centre of bio-medical research and translational medicine.

RMJM’s design for the 15-story, multidisciplinary building places a strong emphasis on collaboration and shared resources, expressing the integrated and collaborative nature of the teaching and research components within. The exterior design and enclosure responds to the campus site plan, the adjacent School of Medicine Buildings, Singapore’s unique tropical climate and the desire to create a vertical ascent which symbolizes the joint educational and research programs. Providing space for eight new interdisciplinary research programs as well as incubator spaces, core support labs, and student study areas.

To encourage community and a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, the fifth floor researcher collaboration level includes sheltered exterior terraces, walkways, and lounges, creating an environment where students, health professionals, and scientists interact freely in an informal atmosphere. The collaboration level will connect the Medical School to research facilities uphill, academic programs downhill, and the National University hospital across Medical Drive.

The fifteen-story lab building provides space for eight new interdisciplinary research programs as well as incubator spaces, core support labs, and student study areas. The nine-story academic building provides for large-group and small-group instruction, clinical practice areas and computerized simulation centers. The four-story vivarium forms the backdrop to the Village Green while permitting secure access for researchers.

Location: Singapore
Sector: Healthcare, Education
Size: 40,000 m²
Status: Completed