China Construction Bank Headquarters


Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China


China Construction Bank




61,536 SQM





The China Construction Bank headquarters is located in the New Eastern Town district of Ningbo and forms one of the 4 major banks that constitute the core of the International Finance Services Center (IFSC) of the Eastern New Town (ENT). The city planner’s goal was to create a new modern financial center servicing the two other industrial centers namely the International Trade Exhibition Center and International Shipping Center of the ENT. The parcel was designated to have a 120m high tower in the district masterplan however there were compelling reasons to create a lower building. By proposing a lower building, a distinct undulation in the district’s skyline was created against the surrounding towers. Also views from neighbouring buildings are less obstructed. The reduced height also allowed the SE prevailing winds to flow more freely.

The design aimed to state the presence of the Construction Bank distinguishing it from the rest of the financial institutes. The design also creates a unique building for public and staff alike that is inspired by Ningbo cultural and context.

The centre of the Cube is hollowed out to form a large spectacular Urban Room that provides a dramatic public Banking Hall space. The Bank Box volume slides under and interlocks with the cube on the north-east corner, containing public banking facilities and offering views to Yangmuqi River to the East