RMJM submitted a proposal for the International Design Competition for the City of the Science in Rome in collaboration with the notorious Japanese architect Waro Kishi.

The competition, at which more than 240 studios took part, was an opportunity to reaffirm the strength of RMJM design and get a foothold in the Italian arena.

The concept draws inspiration from the city’s nature and contradictions. Being inertial, Rome is resistant to contextual transformations, while, by its social nature, it is welcoming but reluctant to integrate.

All this make Rome a pot of contradictions which is at the core of the City of Science project. The proposal suggested by the working team was also an opportunity to reflect on the designing process within the dichotomy of tradition and innovation, urban design and urban blocks, organic and minimal, old and new, sustainable and technological. The proposal aims at reconciling all these element in a harmony of forms and emotions.

Location: Rome, Italy
Client: CDP Investimenti SGR
Sector: Mixed-use, Residential, Commercial, Hospitality
Size: 5,1 Ha
Status: Competition
Scope: Architecture