Situated in a wooded residential district near central Bucharest, Club Stejarii is intended to compliment Stejarii Residential, an exclusive development by Romanian tennis star and industrialist Ion Tiriac.

The brief called for the creation of the most exclusive, complete product in the club market of Bucharest; visually exciting, experiential, brand and environmentally aware. The 13,500 m² development includes a spa and resort, restaurants, sports, fitness, leisure and administration zones.

The design, in collaboration with RMJM’s YRM Studio and Urban A&O, creates a gently rising mound and an angular building structure juxtaposing two convex forms arranged to maximise use throughout the four seasons when temperatures can vary from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius. The building envelope changes at each consecutive level of sport and fitness activity until roof level, where four tennis courts are located with wrap around bleacher seating to afford views of the courts and beyond to the surrounding forest.

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Client: Ion Tiriac
Sector: Sport, Hospitality
Size: 13,500 m²
Status: Completed