Colworth Research Park


Colworth, United Kingdom


Science & Technology


70,000 m²





RMJM was commissioned in 2005 to develop Colworth as a Joint Venture project of Unilever and Goodman, intending to support their future development activities. The proposed scheme for Colworth Park aspires to create a world class ‘science park cluster’ in a distinctive landscape. The setting is intended to be open, coherent, innovative, sustainable and flexible – a healthy environment with a strong sense of community and memorable identity.

The long term development provides 70,000 sqm of research space, combined with amenity and conference facilities. The sensitive 18th century country house and the mature parkland landscape required a close cooperation and intense dialogue with the English Heritage.

The park also includes an innovation centre, restaurant, nursery and leisure facilities.

The access issue presented a special challenge,involving the resolution of the highways and options for sustainable transport.

By respecting long distance views into the site, the concept enhances the existing quality of the parkland and the historic landscape setting of Colworth. The structure of develop-able plots builds on synergies of existing scientific research and provides a legible and safe network of roads, pedestrian footpaths and cycle paths.