Winner of a national architecture competition, this project designed by RMJM Brazil in partnership with Konigsberger Vannucchi occupies a plot in the center of Curitiba, the capital of the northern region of Brazil Paraná. This building merges the several judicial branches which were previously spread in multiple buildings across Curitiba.

The designing started from the premise of having to keep the old building which was in the past, amongst other things, a prison.

Although this old building was not protected by any national heritage body, the competition asked for it to be integrated into the new building.

The competition document also stipulated the necessity for its original open spaces to be preserved. The eight upper floors are occupied by courts while the five lower ones are designed for public service desks.

Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Client: Government of the State of Parana
Sector: Civic & Government
Size: 230,000 m²