We proposed the new Dalian Football Stadium acting as a beacon or ‘lighthouse’ creating a dramatic glowing focal point welcoming visitors. The glow will flow out over the nearby sea creating a series of undulating reflections. In turn, the rolling waves of the sea are reflected in the form of the building, inspiring its shape.

The colors of the stadium take inspiration from the team colors and the wonderful range of blues present in the Dalian sea. The building’s skin is transparent in nature to reinforce the connection to water and allows views, both into the building and also out towards the beautiful Dalian Bay.

As Dalian, is such a famous and important city for technology and IT, it is appropriate for the stadium to be fitted with ‘state of the art’ electronics, visual displays and communications.

Conceptually, this can also be displayed through a high-tech approach to venue lighting and event illumination.

The landscape is also strongly influenced by the fluid forms of water. The undulating forms in the landscape will mirror that of the flowing roof of the main stadium. The landscape will also radiate, in circles, from the center of the stadium like ripples on the sea.

Location: Dalian, China
Client: City of Dalian
Sector: Sport
Size: 40,000 Seat Football Stadium
Status: Competition
Year: 2009