DBS is a modern, user friendly and compact facility for Bloodstock Sales, tailor made for the space available on this designated site.

The new Sales Complex comprises a circular horse arena and seating, auctioneers and agents offices, bar, restaurant and café linked to a main parade ring and covered parade ring.  A new stables yard provides for 390 horses, connected to an existing 120 stable yard. A veterinary building with groom’s canteen and associated facilities, covered exercise rings, trotting areas and horse loading and delivery area is also provided.

The Sales Arena building is conceived as two major elements, a crafted timber container enclosed on two sides by flanking outer brick walls.  The timber container houses key public areas whilst the solid flank walls define the building edges and are used to articulate the building circulation. The timber inner breaks through the brick skin to articulate key views and vistas.

Location: Doncaster, United Kingdom
Sector: Commercial, Sport, Landscape
Status: Completed