RMJM had earlier submitted competition winning design entries for two sites on the island – one for a proposed 5-star hotel and the other for a boutique hotel. This brief called for an overall masterplan of the island in its entirety, to focus on tourism as a driver for development initiatives on the island. The masterplan proposed the inclusion of an 18-hole golf course and three beachfront activities as part of the ‘leisure trail’ for the island. In addition, 150 luxury villas will be clustered at appropriate locations around the island.

The large developments on the island have been designed in such a way so as to minimize their scale and impact on the surroundings. The resort hotels have been reduced to a series of smaller building forms that connect or overlap. The villa and micro hotel elements then continue this pattern into the surrounding landscape. In addition, small pavilions and experiential structures have been proposed throughout the island to further dissolve the boundary between built form and nature.

Location: China
Sector: Masterplanning, Hospitality
Size: 87,082 m²
Status: Concept