Dubai Hills Estate, Collective 2.0


Dubai, UAE






35,746 SQM GFA


Interior Design



Dubai Hills Collective 2.0 is a co-living residence that is aimed at the younger generation and draws inspiration from the birth of a bird and the moment of its first launch and flight; the same as any thriving confident person, who leaves the nest to embark on a new journey in life. This co-living space represents a new informal bohemian concept for a shared living environment. The residents, mostly young professionals and bold creative business individuals, will be able to share public areas with one another and be able to have all their amenities within their dwelling, not needing to stray far from their new “nest”.

The design also provides the chance to leave one room or “nest” to socialize and meet the other like-minded residents of the building, allowing them to be part of the community “flock”. The Dubai Hills Collective’s ideology, in general, is to promote a community lifestyle and a sense of belonging, encouraging a new concept of openness, sustainable living and collaborative spirit. These values were to be translated into an electric and yet sophisticated aesthetic that balances style and function.