The Duke University/National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School is the first occidental medical research facility in Singapore. The 23,225 m² project focuses on the innovative utilization of vertical space in the cultivation of a communal academic experience that was nevertheless conscientious of the independent spirit of scientific discovery.

The facilities within reflect the latest developments in the field  of medicine and research, while the exterior’s red ceramic curtain wall volumes reference the historical context of the building.

The design implements a unique approach to planning in its “Vertical Campus” scheme. Fostering collaboration and creating a campus “heart” are key objectives of the building’s central atrium, which ties the library and academic spaces on the ground level to principal investigators on the research floors above through associative design elements. In keeping with local climate and tradition, the exterior’s louvres and sunshades condition perimeter spaces while the building massing shades exterior spaces, maintaining comfortable temperatures in and around the structure throughout the year.


2007: American Institute of Architects, Pennsylvania Chapter Awards, Honor Award

Location: Singapore
Sector: Education, Science & Technology
Size: 23,225 m²
Status: Completed