The design, by RMJM Italia, welcomes you into a multi-dimensional world where the membrane of the elements defines the “non place” and modifies the perception of the context through multi-sensory projective systems. These light, transparent and continuously changing structures produce infinite effects that change according to the contents.

The info area is the thought pattern of the interior design process as it transforms the fifth dimension, namely the virtual space. The driving criteria for the interior design process uses transparency and light, realized through projective systems with a movable glass partition.

In this way, the space is more dynamic and interactive with the guest who is conceived as a technology carrier and a forecaster of the near future.

Particular attention was paid to the cognitive dimension, where users’ active participation at the exhibition room performances creates the ideal environment for the strong involvement of the audience.

The project was included in the Italian TV show “Design Book” (Leonardo TV).

Location: London, United Kingdom

Client: Enel S.p.a. (The Italian G.E. Company) on behalf of Micromegas

Sector: Commercial, Science & Technology, Interior Design

Size: 3,500 m² | 37,573 SF

Status: Completed

Year: 2011