Located at the heart of the DIFC the Gate Avenue is a unique combination of an urban landscape on top of a pristine retail environment.

The Gate Avenue runs along the central axis of the site, connecting and catering to the surrounding office, hotel and residential communities; by allowing for leisure, networking and relaxation.

The strategy is to use the central spine of near continuous retail, F&B and service outlets to meet the instantaneous demands of the working community while offering the possibility to utilize the convenience

of the larger destination retail, restaurants and hotels that are currently proposed to be sited along the route, much of which having already been built.

Active retail edges present the interior as a pattern of streets, each in turn demanding exploration. Clean crisp interiors of varying ambiance are intended to augment the leading world class position of DIFC within the financial world.

Location: Dubai, UAE

Client: Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC)

Sector: Retail

Facility: Retail Mall, F&B

Size: 61,000 m² | 660,000 SF

Status: Completed

Year: 2019

Scope: Architecture, Masterplanning, Interior Architecture, Lead Consultancy