Beijing, China


Science & Technology


20,000 m²





The Genzyme Corporation’s new life science research facility in Beijing is a 20,000 m² construct housing both administration and research facilities. The laboratory portion of the building, with its wider structure, provides a visual foil for the lighter, airier construction of the administrative program facilities and includes 50,0000 square feet of cGMP space for Matrix Assisted Chrondocyte Implantation (MACI) devices, a regenerative medicine for replacement knee tissue. The design includes four production modules (Grade B space) with incubators, bio-safety cabinets, and analytical equipment.

The design implements bridges of various heights and dimensions to connect the buildings physically and visually, mediating the contrast of the two buildings to create an interesting diversity of style and type.

A series of plazas, green spaces, and strategic lines of sight carry the design intentions beyond the physical bounds of the structures and out into the surrounding landscape.

Designed for LEED Platinum certification, the site design emphasizes preservation of site features and the harnessing of natural resources through storm water and daylight management. The incorporation of additional sustainable features such as green roofs and bio-walls enhance the sustainability of the structure.