The project’s site area is relatively complex as it’s situated upon the plateau of Guizhou Yunnan where the altitude is 514 to 694 meters. The meandering terrain is uneven and steep. This proposed concept aims to solve the issue of the terrain and united the campus with the environment.

The masterplan concept puts main teaching facilities in the middle, dormitories close by in the North and South-West, with training facilities and sports center along the city’s main road.

After the GIS analysis, the concept describes on how to minimize excavation works by digging in the higher East side and filling the ground in the South.

The style of the architecture design comes from both modern inspirations as well as ideas from the local culture. White will be the main colour establishing a healthy refreshing energy which is important for a medical campus.

Location: Guizhou, China
Client: Guizhou Health Management Vocational School
Sector: Education, Masterplanning
Size: 250,000m²
Status: Competition
Year: 2016
Scope: Architecture