RMJM participated in the international competition for the design of a high-end mixed-use urban complex in the heart of Zhuhai. The RMJM design integrates the natural landscape and local culture of Zhuhai into the built form. The space of the adjacent park extends into the heart of the complex, forging a continuous connection between the project’s central plaza and Haibin Park. The landscaping also extends upwards into the built form through cascading terraces that activate the edges at a raised datum.

The design celebrates and enhances the social connection the people of Zhuhai have with Haibin Park. The central plaza is alive with a shopping precinct, a cultural facility and sunken gardens, bringing people to a lower level of retail. The natural landscape, urbanity and lifestyle of Zhuhai are captured in the design and at its heart is a vibrant ‘urban living room’ for the Garden City of Zhuhai.

Location: Zhuhai, China
Sector: Mixed-use
Size: 646,500 m²
Status: Concept