Huawei Research & Development Park


Nanjing, China


Science & Technology


279,000 m²





This competition winning scheme provided a new campus development for China’s leading telecoms manufacturer, Huawei Technologies. The project incorporated research offices and laboratory accommodation for 10,000 technical staff together with supporting canteen and data centre facilities. The design proposed a low rise, orthogonally arranged architectural composition of L shaped structures to create a series of interlocking courtyards.

The design aimed to produce a development in harmony with its physical and climatic surroundings. Building envelopes incorporate extensive solar shading to reduce heat gains whilst minimizing the energy required for cooling purposes.

Over 7,000 windows operate through an automated building control system that switches between air conditioning and full natural ventilation modes as external conditions alter.

The extensive roof areas provide rainwater harvesting with the water naturally filtered on site through reed beds, providing 100% capacity for all landscape and irrigation requirements year round.