In today’s world live, work and entertainment are intrinsically linked, as technologies and lifestyles allow us to move between  these activities in any place, time and in an almost seamless manner.

Primary objective of this development will be to address the needs of top executives of international/multinational corporations based in Nigeria, who wish to have a local experience at international standard in a facility that delivers a body & soul experience.

This means a modern education, business and entertainment campus, supported by accommodation facilities and en-lived by an integrated programme that animates the site and the facilities 24 hours, with each function supporting another.

Key to the success of such campus are the underlying principles of the Triple bottom Line – a holistic network of Social, Economic and Environmental drivers and development goals. The interaction between these drivers to achieve the respective goals creates a win-win outcome for all stakeholders and ensures development success.

Location: Nigeria

Client: IBB University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria

Sector: Masterplanning

Size: 200,000 m²

Scope: Architecture, Masterplanning