Istanbul Air Traffic Control Tower


Istanbul, Turkey


IGA Airport
Construction JV




7,000 m² | 75,347 SF





Spirit of flying, body of molding and skin of expression are the three architectural metaphors that create this ‘container and protector of life’.

It is clear to us that this project has to be unique; this is the flag that will be raised to symbolize the new, vibrant, global Turkey. As witnesses to this amazing transformation we aspire this building to be far more than an ATC Tower, we are designing and thinking of a new symbol for this country, the pinnacle of the landmark airport and above all the “Welcome to Turkey” moment.

RMJM intend to create a functional and aesthetic feature of the new airport, with user-friendly characteristics and a sense of sustainable architectural design. We also want it to be a symbolic landmark for Istanbul in general. We started from analyzing the functions of the program, and proceeded to arrange them volumetrically in order to generate a functional allocation. The tower is oriented facing North, towards the sea, in line with where the airplanes take off and land.