Khoo Teck Puat Hospital






105,000 SQM





Established in 1938, Alexandra Hospital in Singapore was renowned as one of the most modern hospitals in Southeast Asia up through the 1970s. RMJM’s design in partnership with CPG Consultants (Pte. Ltd., Executive Architect) for the new 550-bed institution recreates the charm and ambiance of the pre-war facility while providing the highest level of staff efficiency in a patient-centered environment. The hospital also utilizes energy-efficient features which reduce energy costs by 50% and provide 70% of the floor area with the potential for natural ventilation. The design reserves a significant portion of the first subterranean level for vital facilities such as triage, treatment, surgery and holding spaces, which are blast-protected. The ambulance and emergency areas are similarly outfitted for civil emergencies, incorporating large decontamination and quarantine areas with dedicated MEP systems.

The concept behind the aesthetic organization of the hospital was driven by the utilization of the natural advantages of the site; given the benefits of natural surroundings, the design team developed the idea of “the Hospital in a Garden.”

Yishun Pond itself grew to be a central feature of the design; inpatient units face the pond, whose shoreline is to be reclaimed for exercise paths and food pavilions. The pond provides a soothing waterscape view for staff and patients in the nursing towers at the eastern edge of the 32,000 sqm site, while the garden landscape greets visitors, patients and staff at the entry to Yishun Central Avenue at the western extremity. A series of planted terraces between upper floor patient towers culminate the “garden hospital” experience.

The marriage of cutting-edge security and safety features with the natural beauty of Yishun Pond and its surrounding environment results in a healthcare facility distinctive both in its aesthetic and in the quality of health care delivery.


2010: Skyrise Greenery Award, First Prize – Completed Projects
2011: Universal Design Award (Gold) from BCA (Singapore Building & Construction Authority)
2011: 11th SIA Architectural Design Awards – Building of the Year
2011: 11th SIA Architectural Design Awards – Design Award – Institutional – Best Healthcare Building
2011: Presidents Design Award: Design of the year
2011: MIPIM Asia Awards (Silver), Best Green Building Category