RMJM has been commissioned to design India’s international convention and exhibition centre in New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata. The convention centre is the core of a 100- acre site, also designed by RMJM, on the eastern outskirts of the city. The Convention Centre, which utilises a multi-purpose hall and open-air exhibition areas, can accommodate international exhibitions and conventions of up to 2000 delegates.

The project, one of the largest planned mixed use developments in the country, will include high end hotels, office, retail and residential spaces.

The convention centre complex will sit within a new cultural public park which will represent an unprecedented contribution to the public realm.

The park will form the heart of the new proposals with the convention centre as its centrepiece. The exterior of the building features a secondary skin that acts as both an environmental filter and as a giant screen that displays abstract cultural Bengali inspired patterns. This 180-metre long screen may also function as a projection surface to display live events and speeches occurring within the centre or at the public cultural plaza.

Location: Kolkata, India
Client: Unitech / Universal Success Consortium
Sector: Mixed-use
Size: 607,000 m²
Status: Commissioned