RMJM was commissioned to masterplan and design this luxury resort on the island of Gucheng. The development is situated on a river island affording spectacular mountain views.

The inspiration for a new ultimate 5-star resort development on Gucheng Island embodies a discreet and culturally inspired architecture that blends harmoniously with the lush landscape. The concept for the masterplan is drawn from the natural topography of the site, nestled within a naturally forested highland.

Drawing on the essential elements of the local historical architecture, the design reinterprets and elaborates the rich fabric of local cultures and traditions that make the region unique. The buildings assemble a coherent statement, articulating the masterplan with bold sculptural roofs and solid walls. Underscored by the principles of Feng shui, the enduring flow of water generates the positive “Qi” of the island, providing the fundamental forces of energy and well-being.

Location: Lishui, Zhejiang, China
Client: Nice Group Company Limited
Sector: Hospitality, Landscape
Size: 120,000 m²
Status: Commissioned