London Array


Faversham, United Kingdom


London Array


Science & Technology


4,800 m²





The London Array project, located between the Kent and Essex coasts, is a major generator of sustainable energy in the UK and responds to the wider global agenda to reduce CO2 emissions.

The farm generates 1,000MW of electricity, serving the needs of 750,000 homes – equivalent to approximately a quarter of households in Greater London or all of the homes in Kent and East Sussex.

The wind farm’s power is fed to a substation at Cleve Hill near Graveney, which connects to the National Grid’s 400kV transmission system to feed power into the UK’s electricity network.

RMJM’s design shields the transformers, electrical switchgear and back-up electrical generators, offering protection to the equipment as well as creating a sculptural focal point on the landscape.

Visible from the popular Saxon Shore Way footpath located a kilometre away across agricultural land, RMJM’s design has become somewhat of an architectural landmark in the region.