Designed by RMJM Istanbul in 2017, Mint E5 is situated in a prime position that places it in direct proximity to major transportation routes and ensures direct connectivity with the city. From the outset of the design process the goal was to maximize efficiency while at the same time creating a jewel of a building with a unique visual identity. Adjacent to a park, Mint E5 is strategically located within a pedestrian-friendly environment.

The interiors have been maximized to provide orthogonal and efficient spaces that fulfill all the requirements of the residents. Natural sunlight illumination and natural air ventilation provides a comfortable living environment indoors.

Each unit also has an outdoor area of its own that residents can use exclusively. Privacy and light are managed through a second skin on the façade which has evolved from the traditional Turkish “pancur” into a modern day full height metal mesh with similar effects.

The common area on the roof provides a communal space to work out, relax and socialize. With 360o views of the city, this social area is the accent of the whole development. Cutting edge design and innovative construction methods generate a building with a character of its own, welcoming residents to enjoy living in one of the most up-and-coming neighbourhoods in Istanbul.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Client: Mint
Sector: Residential
Status: Under Construction
Year: 2016
Scope: Architecture, Interior Design