Bang & Olufsen – New Production Facility


Koprivnice, Czech Republic


Ramboll | Bang & Olufsen, Denmark


Science & Technology


12,000 m²





This light industrial project is an example of high-standard facilities meeting the values and expectations of a prestigious client. Koprivnice in Czech Republic was found by the client to be the ideal location for its new production facility due to both its privileged logistic position and quality of the local workforce.

The planning of this project was very much defined by its Scandinavian-inspired focus on both internal and external environmental sustainability.

These efforts were recognised in 2008 when the project was regarded ‘the best industrial building in the region’.

One of its major achievements is the successful integration of a low-energy consumption scheme despite the production facility space being visible to the public via its glassed walls. This ensures that the production section is not entirely separated from its contextual background.

Another highlight of this project is the large resting spaces introduced in the atrium for employees.