Designed by RMJM Italia, the work program covered the entire Prati residence and required a complete renovation of the house. The commission directed the design choices, with the design finding a distinct balance between the buildings unique social and environmental context whilst encouraging the maximum environmental comfort through the organization of an “intelligent house”.

The criticality of the original layout of the building, restricted by a layout of many corridors, offered the opportunity to present the theme of an active core as the heart and hub of the home. From the bathroom cabinets to the panel glass (as a support for projections) to the wall of stone dedicated to the dining area; each side of the fulcrum assumed an aesthetic and functional value in order to make the most of every room.

The house, in this manner, is organized according to a centripetal scheme favoured by the presence of the active nucleus, transforming the absence of light and natural opening from a drawback to an advantage.

The juxtaposition between industrial design and the basic layout appeals to the historicity of the environment. The logic of the opposite is reinforced through the character of the house creating an atmosphere truly representative of the building’s properties.

The kitchen, designed with Acheo, becomes an occasion for passage. A sequence of environments contiguous to one another allows the identification of the preparation area and the packed audience. The table of the living room, in this case, is specially designed by recycling the legs of an old model of Cappellini, integrating them into a clean design, linear of the thick horizontal plane.

In this context, the lighting has assumed a key role; accentuating the different atmospheres of situational values rather than rigidly adhering to room structure. The sustainable technology of Deltalight, lighting with LED type applied for the entire house, responds to the correct ratio between energy containment, aesthetics and functionality of management.

Location: Rome, Italy
Sector: Interior Design, Residential
Size: 130 m²
Status: Completed