S. Pietro Concept Store


Rome, Italy


Acheo – Deltalight


Interior Design


160 m²





The project, designed by RMJM Italia, was developed according to several criteria to introduce the concept of the world of industrial design made in Italy.

The first aspect was dedicated to the possibility of conducting an experience on the part of the user in terms of both playful and intelligent content. The Conceptstore, in fact, allows both the opportunity to play events and happenings that encourage a sort of Gallery of Design Made in Italy through a permanent exhibition of the prototypes studied with companies.

As a result, the second criterion saw the coordinated action between the different companies involved devoted to industrial design, and every subsequent interaction maintaining this as the key of co-marketing.

This allowed for the entire space to be considered for optimum usage, ensuring the quality of Designer, Principal and Art Director.

Transmigration of materials, investigation into the environmental effects, nanotechnologies and staging are all resources used as a criterion of the design. The exploitation of the individual areas, in this manner, assumes a relation exponential in time in which the different sectors begin to acquire the awareness of the mutual search even in key marketing.

The ‘Concept-store’ of Rome takes a different approach to the traditional Showroom. The idea behind the ‘Concept-store’, was to think differently, based on introducing the customer toward a qualitative dimension and ensuring the product is exposed. The designers decision was to reflect a strategic choice carried out by designers, promoted on the commercial context in a direct way and without filters.