S. Pietro Residence


Rome, Italy




Interior Design


Internal: 160m²
External: 20m²





For the design of the S. Pietro Residence, RMJM Italia was inspired by the potential for a strong visual impact resulting from the ideal views overlooking the south side park.

The design addressed two topics: the relationship of continuity between the interior and exterior (always in relation to the possibility of perceptual expansion, but also as a function of faces) and the flexibility of the environments. For the S. Pietro residence, natural and artificial light were utilised as an element for shaping space: a fluid projected through a complex design for plans.

These considerations are emphasized through the choice of materials, with the adoption of long tables in wengé, in the continuity of the pavement from the interior to the exterior terrace, the use of the cement floor (using the product Oltremateria) in raised pavements and in elements of detail in the numerous metals treated with acids.

The living standards of the residence were qualified through the presence of different elements of industrial design. Moroso expresses itself in the sittings of the sofa Lowland and the armchairs Little Albert. Every space of the house welcomes a furnishing element that emphasizes its role in agreement with the whole. Even the sleeping area, separated by a panel of hand-crafted wood full-height, identifies with solutions designed to measure (the bathroom is entirely lined in marble blocks of travertine) and customised for the best ergonomic enhancement.