The site of this project is located in the Shanghai Qingpu District, 30km east of Shanghai CBD. It consists of ten high-rise residential towers (14-16/F), 157 villas of various typologies and eleven storeys of boutique loft apartments. The development of this Phase II draws on its relationship with Phase I to attain a sense of harmony, whilst at the same time retaining its own uniqueness to add to a variegated landscape.

The use of architectural space and landscaping are adopted to create an ambience of Suzhou vernacular architecture, a style that is reminiscent of traditional Chinese artistry.

The different residential zones and green belts are interwoven, giving the residence a calm and restful public space. This development also fully considered the urban visual impact affected by its future development, and features and resources such as the embracing river within the site is strongly utilised.

Location: Shanghai, China
Client: Shanghai Renjie Hebin Garden Property Co. Ltd.
Sector: Residential, Masterplanning
Size: 78,824 m²
Status: Completed