RMJM has been appointed by TPS Nedvizhimost to design the interior of the new Terminal B in the Northern Terminal Complex of Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia.

The concept for the public areas of this large-scale project covers over 55,850 m² on three levels within the airport and includes the public hall, baggage claim, departure hall, pier and shopping arcade.

Sheremetyevo airport, located just north of Moscow, is the busiest in the country, handling more passengers and cargo than any other. The Northern Terminal Complex is currently occupied by the 2007 Terminal C and the now dismantled Terminal B, built in 1964. With an extension totalling 114,000 m 2 , the new Terminal B will officially open in 2018. The new Terminal B in Sheremetyevo Airport will be completed in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and will welcome the world to Russia for this historic event.

The RMJM team sought to convey the tradition, strength and progressiveness that characterize modern day Russia. Fittingly, RMJM drew inspiration from Russian Constructivism, a seminal art movement in the early 20th century. The space, form and palette of Terminal B is based on renowned artists from this period such as Vladirim Tatlin, Nahum Gabosa, Alexander Vesnina, Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzky and Liubov Popova. Art is integrated with cutting edge technology throughout Terminal B to shape the space around the movement of passengers, while the principles of Russian Constructivism are also reflected in the geometry of the floors, walls and ceilings. The concept is to awaken a sense of national pride as for Russian citizens passing through the terminal. Foreign visitors, meanwhile, will be made aware that the ideas created in Russia are as big as the Russian land. The concept for the interior of Sheremetyevo airport’s Terminal B represents the universality and timeless character of Art as well as its powerful communicative function. To reinforce this idea, the team has integrated high tech features in the Constructivist artworks.

Location: Moscow, Russia
Client: TPS Nedvizhimost
Sector: Transport, Interior Design
Size: 55,850 m²
Status: Under Construction
Year: 2016