The driving landscape concept for Indore masterplan was to create a green corridor connecting the lake with the hill – the two major natural elements at either end of the site. This green corridor acts as an ecological link and incorporates diverse recreational facilities of the township. The Township provides 1600 residential units and over 1.7 milion sqf of commercial space.

The design was based on the 5 elements of nature i.e. Aakash or Spirit, Jal or Water, Prithvi or Earth, Agni or Fire and Vayu or Air. All 5 zones generate a beautiful kaleidoscopic effect of Indigo, White, Yellow, Red and Sky blue. Each zone also contains unique features, such as Zen gardens, wind chimes, tea pavilions & fragrance walls.

50 Acres of open landscaped area within the township are based on the theme of 5 elements of nature. This is the first township to include an ultra-modern sports complex with extensive planning for an array of sports including indoor as well as outdoor sports. Tennis, squash and badminton courts, a swimming pool, library, indoor games, gymnasium with sauna and steam room, beauty salon and fine dining facilities all feature.

Location: Indore, India

Sector: Masterplanning, Landscape, Residential

Size: 562,513 m² (Site Area)

Status: Completed