Tech Office – Level 05


Belgrade, Serbia






2,000 SQM


Interior Architecture



The L05 project came with the same initial brief as the L07 tech officer interior design project, only this time the required workspace was for a development team. Working within the same guidelines and requirements created a challenge for RMJM Serbia as their goal was to deliver a space that was malleable to meet the needs of an office whose tasks vary from day-to-day. At the same time, they were still tasked with giving the space character and reflecting the culture of Belgrade.

The development team were considered in every aspect of the design. RMJM recognised that as creative people at the forefront of their profession, their workspace should capture the curiosity, intelligence and creativity of the team.

Recognising that development professionals tend to test out options and present unusual and unexpected designs, RMJM created a space that could be changed and altered with ease to fit changing needs and desires.

Needing to once again link the offices to their situation in Belgrade, the three project rooms were each designed to reference the work of three famous Serbian scientists: Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milankovic and Mihajlo Pupin.