RMJM were appointed as one of 12 international practices to deliver a series of high-end mixed use projects in the newly developed King Abdullah Financial District of Saudi Arabia.

To attract investment and interest for the development of the building, RMJM’s designers considered a design approach that offers the public increased choice and the marketable benefits that can be derived from mixed use activity within the single super block building; for example collocating small to medium scale businesses in space that has both character and a more social outlook reflects the international trend of the ‘loft office’ concept.

Rather than overly repetitive and generic space, this design promotes accommodation that can relate to the sky gardens and cafe terraces.

The architecture expresses the dynamic of the mixed brief in a sculptural and confident way that will provide KAFD with a distinctive brand opportunity.

The Waterfall relies on two simple ideas in its architectural composition. The design has a sculptural yet simple building base that is externally monolithic in its character yet internally complex.

The residential units will take full advantage of the great views and celebrate a unique location overlooking the KAFD financial hub. The building is designed to be widely seen from many vantage points providing an opportunity to develop an ‘event horizon’ where not only the residents get great views out but also where the greater public can appreciate the overall form of the building with residential floors architecturally lit. Internally the beautiful sky courtyards for office workers and residents alike will light up at night to provide additional drama for the building when viewed from the surrounding streets.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Client: Rayadah Investment Company
Sector: Mixed-use
Size: 49,595 m²
Status: Under Construction