UAE Pavilion


EXPO 2020, Dubai, UAE


National Media Council (RMJM’s client WME)


EXPO Pavilion




Executive Architecture
Interior Design Site Supervision



On the first of October 2021 the United Arab Emirates Pavilion was unveiled at The Dubai World Expo 2020. This was a six-month event showcasing architecture, global culture and innovation that brought together over 200 participants, including nations, corporations and educational institutions. 

As Executive Architects and Site Supervisors, RMJM oversaw the construction of the stunning 15,000 site in guidelines with the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The message underscored the significance of an interconnected modern world and the need to generate sustainable solutions to global problems.

The conceptual framework was based on inspiration from the UAE’s national bird, the majestic falcon. This was portrayed through the locally sourced metal and carbon-fibre roof which is fitted with 28 moving wings that can fully open within three minutes and reveal extensive solar panels that glisten in the heavy sunlight. The idea behind this was to take full advantage of the natural resources available to further the sustainable nature of the project.

Working with RMJM, the designer Santiago Calatrava explains:
“By channelling the powers of mobility, synchronised flow, and technological innovation, the relationship between architectural spaces and structural systems fuse together to create connections that connect the overall space with the main theme of Expo 2020.”

A multi-sensory journey through a rapidly changing landscape, we oversaw a fluid transition from the bold exterior into a large and open interior which has been said to be one that must be experienced in person. Placed immediately at the centre of the four-story pavilion, we supervised a sphere-shaped void that serves as an auditorium with a capacity of 200 people. Alongside this numerous exhibition areas, food and beverage outlets and VIP lounges were built to create an overall space that illustrates a celebration of traditions and collective progress.