Uniworld City comprises 4,500 residential units as well as retail, clubhouse and school facilities. RMJM’s design for the master plan was an exemplar residential development which merged international contemporary design with regional identity. The crisp and clean architecture incorporated local materials and responded directly to the very specific climatic conditions of the Kolkata area whilst providing space for the client’s prominent cultural events.

The buildings are arranged into a series of clustered neighbourhoods which all have a generously scaled urban scale park at their heart with a different theme or feel given to each.

There is a central axis that is designed as a series of urban plazas integrating various elements of hardscape, softscape and water.

Additionally, the green axis is a meandering floral band that weaves through the entire development blending together the different spaces and providing a softened backdrop for various event spaces.

Location: Kolkata, India

Client: Unitech Ltd

Sector: Residential, Landscape, Masterplanning

Size: 404,685 m² (Site Area)

Status: Completed