Designed in conjunction with the strategizing of the future Science District in Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, with inpatient and outpatient facilities, will be dedicated to cancer treatment and prevention strategies.

The Center’s program provides for 96 inpatient beds (with expansion capability), 30 outpatient units, 20 beds for short-term stay, and nine operating rooms, as well as radiation therapy, clinical intervention, and infusion therapy facilities.

Visually distinctive, the Cancer Center’s design calls for a nine-storey concrete structure with generous implementation of glass to bring in the island’s natural daylight.

The building will also play off the surrounding lush vegetation to create a natural healing environment.

The new Cancer Center will serve as an icon for the future development of San Juan’s Science District and support the Governor’s mission to transform Puerto Rico’s economy into a knowledge-based and research-driven entity. The facility is part of a consortium with the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sector: Healthcare, Science & Technology
Size: 26,000 m²
Status: Completed