Our idea is to continue the “fabric” of the City by following a “mixed” urban planning concept, in a city where the division of spaces control the city’s texture.

This idea will connect the important transportation points surrounding the area and form a clear guide for the population flow through the walkway.

The unique green landscape of Longcheng Square will become a transitional area between landscape and the city. The outcome is a three-dimensional park within the urban area. The roofs will contain gardens, continuing the idea of a green landscape in Longcheng District.

There will be a smooth connection between the gardens and indoor businesses to create a three dimensional public space which in turn adds to the commercial value.

In order to take advantage of the land area limit and also to control the width of the buildings, the two blocks of residentials were split into three. Longcheng Square has no visual blockings and the skyline is gentle and comfortable to the eye.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Vanke
Sector: Commercial, Masterplanning
Size: 350,000 m²
Status: Competition
Year: 2014
Scope: Architecture