Xiangjiang Gate


Hengyang, Hunan Province, China


OCT Cultural &Tourism Investment Co.


Mixed Use


25,697 SQM





Designed as an entry in an International Design competition held by the Hunan Overseas Chinese Town Cultural &Tourism Investment Co, the Xiangjiang Gate will serve as a tourist information centre and a cultural highlight with a panoramic platform to view the junction of the Xiang, Zheng and Lishui rivers.

Sustainability will be the focus at every stage of the development of the Xiangjiang Gate, and development will see the use of climate statistics and specialised engineering technologies to produce a building made for the future.

The design is distinctively contemporary and sheds traditional concepts of gate design in favor of a 177m monument with a glass ‘curtain’ between the buildings two twisting towers. The sheer wall of glass will reflect the surrounding natural spaces to act as a proverbial window into the region.
The Xiangjiang Gate will act as business card for Hengyang and support the city’s mission to develop into a global metropolis for business and tourism.