Xingyun Lake Area


Xingtan, Foshan, China




Urban Planning


2.7 KM2


Urban Design



The concept design of the Xingyun Lake Area was thought of after a thorough study of the town and region. As it is through this development that the area expands, its cultural meaning is very strong. The project consists of a smart new city combining commercial offices, cultural experiences, tourism opportunities, entertainment and green residences. The town is concerned with providing a natural ecological atmosphere and distinguishes itself thanks to its water city dynamism. The main objective of the project is to protect and promote the cultural heritage of the water city. The public space is organised through a road-water network, displaying the cultural conception and the atmosphere of the Bay Area everywhere around the lake.

The development of Xingyun Lake Area marks the beginning of a new era for Xingtan as the city expands and strengthens its presence in the region. It epitomises cultural water town harmony. It acts as a driving engine for the future development of the city. Its urban culture and urban efficiency make it a town with “soft” competitiveness.
Some of the town’s specific characteristics include Lingnan water street, a cultural forum, Kangyang vacation, an ecological park and a festival square. All these facilities help Xingtan use its resources and upgrade the economical level of the city. With its cultural uniqueness, the Xingyun Lake Area reinforces the image of Xingtan and acts as a showcase for the town.