RMJM’s design for the Zhengzhou Boaneng International Finance and Trade Centre in Henan Province, a central and historical area of China, aims to merge tradition with urbanism in a project that will deliver a huge uplift to the region.

RMJM’s holistic design harnesses the core zone of Shang and Zhou and the Chinese culture of Li, which seeks to establish a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Key to RMJM’s thinking was using the urban axis to set the buildings in a way which invokes ancient cities of the past and their guiding principles.

The design of the three towers is tightly connected follows a similar concept with Liqi, the material carrier of Li Culture, providing inspiration. Two historical relics shape the towers – the Lotus and Crane Hu and the Fuhao Rectangular Jia – giving the towers a fluent and delicate form. The main tower is 369m high and contains boutique offices below and a 5-star hotel above. The texture of the main tower and vice towers shows the form of Yin & Yang, a key symbol of Chinese philosophy.

The project provides well-thought solutions to the clients needs and brings traditional Chinese elements to an urban environment.

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Baoneng
Sector: Commercial
Size: 684,03 m²
Status: Competition
Year: 2017
Scope: Architecture, Masterplanning