RMJM was invited to participate in the Zhuhai West Central Town Master Plan Design Competition. The concept for the city plan is to create a green city that is reflective of Zhuhai’s natural environment. The new city will combine the latest urban design concepts with a fully integrated transport system.

In the development of our proposals for West Central Town, detailed plans that have complementary mixed functions are supported by a highly efficient infrastructure provision. The focus is on an advanced ecological urban community that will be both distinctive and respectful of local culture, with designs that are both uniquely local and yet world class in ambition and style.

RMJM also believes that good architecture and urban design requires a clear conceptual aspiration and ambition. Architecture: different from building construction must appeal not only to our senses but also to our intellect. With careful planning the city can be seen to ‘heal the landscape’, by embracing the natural context of the site. The masterplan helps to create a sustainable diverse habitat not only for the human community but also the plant, water and animal ecologies which can successfully coexist. This balance is imperative when creating sustainable communities of the future.

Location: Zhuhai, China
Client: Zhuhai West Central District Development Office
Sector: Masterplanning, Urban Planning
Size: 218,000 m²
Status: Under Construction