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World Architecture have highlighted RMJM’s Istanbul project, G Tower, in their latest feature. The in-depth article draws attention to a project that boldly attempts to ‘change the mentality of the average Turkish developer and prove that commercial success can be achieved through values that align with the human scale, nature and high quality spaces’. Uniquely, G Tower’s ground floor consists not of a single building but a mini village which includes sprawling open spaces, gardens, shops and restaurants. Common spaces on the green rooftops creating a ‘clubhouse’ effect complete with outdoor swimming pool.

G Tower, now under construction, will be one of the most energy efficient buildings in the city and sets a new benchmark for urban sustainability in Istanbul. Photovoltaic panels will be strategically placed on the facade of the building to offset energy consumption, while roof gardens on the ground and lower levels create an additional layer of insulation and manage rainwater run-off during peak times of rainfall. The site also provides direct access to a metro station ensuring one-term viability of the project.

Read the full article here.